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Bulk Purchases

No job is too big when it comes to supplying hotels and other large projects including summer camps and rental properties requiring bulk purchases of premium protector products. Allow our experienced sales department to help you find the right product based on your specific needs.

Mattress protectors are a great investment for any hotel in that they extend the life of each mattress by eliminating the risk of becoming soiled by fluids. Our products are also constructed to standup to the rigorous demands of commercial usage and are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

For increased protection against the ever growing bed bug epidemic plaguing hotels across the country we offer our waterproof zippered bed bug encasements. These can be easily applied to a hotel mattress and can be custom sized to meet any specific requirements if necessary. Our premium mattress encasements completely seal off the mattress on all six sides with a breathable hypoallergenic barrier preventing bed bugs from entering or exiting the mattress. This works not just for the prevention of bed bugs, but also as a non-chemical treatment for infested mattresses. Mattress encasements, like mattress protectors, can be easily machine laundered. (please see our Bed Bug information section).

Current Bulk Program:

  • - Our high quality protector products are designed for both personal and commercial usage.
  • - We can create custom sizes (please Contact Us for more information).
  • - Bulk rates are automatically calculated at checkout.
  • - There are no minimum order quantities per product or size.
  • - The discount is based solely on the order dollar amount.
  • - The larger the order, the larger your savings (please see chart below).
  • - Due to the many variables of commercial usage and care practices outside of our control, we are not able to warranty our protector products used commercially. Our high quality products will last for many years if maintained according to our care instructions
  • - We’ll beat anyone’s prices (based on comparable product).
Bulk Discounts: Rate
$250-$499 5%
$500-$999 10%
$1000-$1499 15%
$1500+ Please call

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance at (866) 579-8021 ext. 3 or [email protected]